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29 June 2012

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EXHIBITION : Orientations+ KLANG ABEND # 4

10 February 2012

EXHIBITION : Orientations
11.February - 18. February 2012
Thu - Fri - Sat 3pm - 7pm
Vernissage : Saturday, 11. February 2012, 7pm
+ KLANG ABEND # 4 : music performance TUNA PASE, 8pm

Orientations is an exhibition dedicated to the idea of points of references in time and space through the concepts of memory, codes and absence. The works wonder about the personal and collective perception of time. Their dialogue emerges through the overlapping of feelings, duration and signs.

Our idea of time is very codified and scientifically restricted to some codes and systems that become visible in common objects like calendars and watches. Time is measured and captured following rules and concepts commonly shared, but its perception can be something really personal and subjective, linked to our experience, feelings, mind and memory.
Time seems to be very related to movement. We could say that time is movement, because right when everything stops, time seems not to exist anymore. The perception of the movement
in the space is a process connected to the mind that reconstructs its routes, variations and gaps. When everything is just alive.

>Rebecca Agnes
"One year on earth, one day on another planet "
2D Animation, 6”. Music by Foka. 2011
Needlework on cotton, embroidered by hand, 100x100 cm. 2012

>Stefania Migliorati
20 paintings, acrylic on canvas, 120x150cm. 2010.
"Keeping-losing money"
Chalk letters 70x70 cm, coins glued on the sidewalk in front of the gallery. 2012.

>Marco Pezzotta
stickers, paper, variable dimension. 2012.
Digital video, 3’ 7”. Loop. 2011.

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14 December 2011

18 December, 2011 - 08 January, 2012

Opening : 18 December, 8 pm
Open : 19 Dec. 2011 - 08 Jan. 2012 Wen-Sat 15-19 pm
Venues : tamtamART
Weichselstr.8, 10247 Berlin

Dear friends,

tamtamART have the pleasure to invite you to our WINDOWINSTALLATION # 8. Window installation is a project which artists are invited to create their works by useing the space and also the window of the gallery. On this session tamtamART is pleased to present "ZWISCHEN " by Ting-Jung Chen (TW). This exhibition will open on 18. Dec. and will be on
view until 08. Jan. 2012


Eine Analogie des vagen Zustands von menschen.
Man weisst es nicht so genau, wozu sich selbst gehört und was gehört zu sich selbst.
Machmal schwanken wir einfach zwischen Subjekt und Objekt, und bei einer künstlicher
Schicht bleiben.

TING - JUNG CHEN born 1985 in Taiwan Taipei. She is gratuated from National Taiwan Universarty, Philosophy, now based in Germany Hamburg and and studying stage design and sculptur in Art Academy Hamburg (HFBK Hamburg).

tamtamART will be in winter break from 25th December 2011 to 15th January 2012.
Next exhibition will be on 27th January 2012.
We wish all of you a beautiful winter and happy new year.




EXHIBITION:1 + 1 = 11

30 November 2011

In collaboration with Takt AIR
Artist in Residence Program

1 + 1 = 11
10. – 17. Dec., Wen – Sat 3 – 7 pm
Opening: December 9th, 7pm


tamtamART is pleased to present “1 + 1 = 11”, a Takt goup show curated by Weronika
Trojanska (PL). The exhibition will open on Dec 9. and will be on view until Dec 17.

Eleven. One beyond ten and one below twelve. The first number which cannot be counted
by human fingers. Stays the same written upside down. Indicates hour before midnight - the
last possible moment to take care of something. Posses the qualities of intuition, patience,
honesty, sensitivity and spirituality. The number of years in which the sun spot cycle repeats.
The length of the largest cat Siberian Tiger. The quantity of dimensions which may exist in
the universe. Number of players on the field in games such as soccer, cricket or American
football. The distance from the deepest point of the ocean floor to the bottom of the Mariana
Trench. Speed in kilometers per second at which the rocket must travel to escape the
Earth’s gravity. Weight in ounces of the average adult male heart. The hour, day and month
of the date the World War I ended. The record number of Oscar awards for one movie. The
number of artists from Takt residency which showing their works at tamtamART.

Hsi Wen Fang
Constanza Gianola
Mariam Haji
Hyojung Jung
Natalya Kochak
Anthony Lachlan
Jacqueline Larcombe
Susie Nelson
Gunes Oktay
Rebeccah Power
Birde Vanheerswynghels




18 November 2011


+ KLANG ABEND # 3 by DJ RAQ & DJ Meon
26. Nov. 2011
 Sat  3 – 7 pm

Opening25. Nov. 2011  8 - 11pm

Artists talk& tour9 - 9:30pm
Klang Abend # 3
9:30 - 11pm


Dear friends,

tamtamART have the pleasure to invite you to our Opening for Exhibition : MADE IN BERLINTHE ENCOUNTER by Peihang Huang and Sound Event : KLANG ABEND # 3. The exhibition will open on 25th November and will be on view also on 26th November. At the opening night will include a KLANG ABEND # 3 event by DJ RAQ & DJ Meon.

MADE IN BERLINTHE ENCOUNTER, is a special project from a young artist from Taiwan, Peihang Huang(黃沛涵). During her stay in Berlin, she pictured a smile from those new made friends or the nice people that are friendly to her, and paint the portrait of them each on acrylic on paper. This is an evidence of her stay and how she makes the connection to this city, and could be an experiment of how people can be connected to each other. Through the exhibition, all the people participated in the project could gather together to celebrate “the Encounter”of the artist and the culture. Welcome to share this magic moment, exclusively in Berlin.

Peihang Huang is presented by AKI GALLERY Taiwan, any further contacts :

KLANG ABEND is a sound project. We invite sound artists to do life concert which focus more on the experimental of sound.

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